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Be Careful When Buying a Car! Fraud Story

Scammers defraud buyers by listing second-hand cars at affordable prices.

Scammers defraud buyers by

You need to be very careful when buying a car. Recently, fraud cases have started to increase, always using the same method. A person who wanted to buy a second-hand car in Türkiye lost 28,000 euros due to fraud.

Scammers add second-hand cars to second-hand e-commerce sites at affordable prices. Then you want to buy the car and you call the seller. After negotiating and reaching an agreement with the seller, you will meet at the notary for the car transfer process.

During the notary procedures, the vehicle owner gives you an IBAN number. You send the money to the IBAN given to the person claiming to be the owner of the vehicle. But the IBAN belongs to a friend of the fraudster, that is, someone else. However, the vehicle owner says that no money has been deposited into his account and that he will complete the vehicle sales transaction. Of course, the vehicle owner gives someone else’s IBAN and defrauds you. After depositing money into the account, the fraudulent person gives up the sale by saying “the money did not arrive in my account”. Even if you report the situation to the Police, it turns out that no money actually goes to the vehicle owner. You need to be very careful not to become a victim. Do not deposit money anywhere other than the vehicle owner’s account number.